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The following data is intended to provide information on some basic dimensions of personality. This information should be viewed as only one source of information that may be helpful in generating hypotheses about the person being evaluated. No decisions should be based solely on this information but it should be integrated with other sources such as personal interviews and references. The data is confidential and should be used by qualified professionals and should not be released to the individual being evaluated.
TraitSetTMWork Ethic - Integrity Report for Mary Maize
Job Position Clerk
Overall Work Ethic - Integrity= 81%
TraitSetTMScores (%)
Work Ethic84
Anchor Cherry Picking19
Negative Scores are Red (Lower = Better)
Note: Moderate scores may not trigger questions.
TraitSetTM ScoreDescription and Questions
Conscientious- HighPerson has a very strong need to be responsible for their commitments.
Question: None
Achievement- HighThey are driven to excel or achieve (no comment on integrity of approach)
Question: Do you feel that you are so driven that teamwork is difficult for you?
Organized- Very HighThey are extremely organized and will find it hard to work in unstructured settings.
Question: Once you start a task is it hard to shift priorities? How do you handle that shift?
Integrity- AverageThey are average in their display of integrity (Also check Validity).
Question: None
Work Ethic- Very HighThey are very forthright but may be "too honest" or even naive in working with others.
Question: Give me an example of when a boss felt you were too rigid about getting your work done.
Withholding- AveragePerson is no more or less withholding than the average person.
Question: None
Manipulative- LowThey are very forthright but may be "too honest" or even naive in working with others.
Question: Does your need to "call things as you see them" ever get you in trouble?
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