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Work with Numbers

Working With Numbers: These exercises allow companies to measure a person? ability to work with cash, credit cards cash registers or in some other way handle cash and cash-like transactions. One focuses on Bank transactions and the other on Retail transactions. Both are composed of twelve arithmetic questions of varying degrees of difficulty that might be appropriate for entry level order takers, tellers and retail clerks.

Working with Numbers - Bank: Used for tellers, entry level loan clerks, customer service representatives and similar employees.

The questions cover:
  • Checks and deposits
  • Money back transactions
  • Multiple checks with the same or similar amounts (Totals)
  • Withdrawals to avoid a negative balance
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Using judgment in transactions

Working with Numbers - Retail: Used for order takers, department store personnel, general retail and similar employees.

The questions cover:
  • Multiple items and making change
  • Purchases with discounts
  • Multiple item (e.g., 3 for $5.00) purchasing
  • Discounts alone (e.g., 25% off)
  • Discounts with a threshold (e.g., 25% off with a sale above $100)
  • Calculation of sales tax
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