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Indeed has millions of jobs from thousands of sources. When you pay to sponsor your jobs, you receive prominent placement on Indeed, helping you find your next great hire faster.

• Promote your jobs and receive up to 5X more clicks.

“How to make your indeed sponsored ads use your TraitSet job ad”

  • Please read 1 through 5 and then Click the red button below “Get More Qualified Candidates Now”.
  • You will arrive at a page to enter your contact information by clicking on the red button “Get More Qualified Candidates Now”. Enter your contact information, then click  the “Submit” button.
  • Within 12 to 24 hours after that,  an indeed sales rep will contact you using the contact information entered.
  • Tell the indeed representative to make your sponsored ad by using the TraitSet ad.  This will cause applicants to your indeed sponsored ad to appear in your TraitSet dashboard.   Indeed bills directly for sponsored ads.
  • After the sponsored ad is completed and connected to your TraitSet Ad, you will have two ads:  
    • The usual TraitSet float down the page ad.
    • A sponsored stay at the top of the page ad, which is linked to your TraitSet program.

Please click the red button now!